Roger Federer smiles Australian Open 2020

‘Roger Federer is the most perfect guy in the world,’ says ATP ace


Frances Tiafoe has described Roger Federer as ‘perfect’ but holds him as an example as how nobody can please everyone in tennis.

Tiafoe is attempting to help bring about a new era of men’s American tennis, and is seen as one of the brightest prospects within the US ranks.

However, he knows that no matter what he does in the game, universal popularity can never be a goal as, if Roger Federer can’t even achieve it, nobody can.

“Real recognises real,” Tiafoe told Sky Sports.

“Roger Federer, to me, is the most perfect guy in the world and I bet some people don’t like him.

“You can’t please everybody and you kind of move with that energy. “You do things that are right and these people are doing things that are right and they can sleep well at night knowing that.

“Some people are going to love it, some people are going to hate it, you’ve just got to swallow it.”

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