...all by depositing clapped-out tennis balls at your local bank. As long as your local bank is in Canada

Recycle. Improve education. Keep kids quiet…



Originally published on 26/02/10 11:07

Al Gore would approve, no doubt. The National Bank of Canada is collecting tens of thousands of unwanted tennis balls, which it says it will recycle – to reduce noise levels in primary schools.

The donated balls will be sliced open and stuck on the bottom of the legs of school chairs and tables to muffle classroom noise and make it easier for students to learn. No, really.

“A lot of schools have told us it works,” said Valerie Lamarre, spokeswoman for the scheme. Last year National Bank collected more than 53,000 used tennis balls and gave them to 150 primary schools in the Canadian province of Quebec.

The scheme is linked to the bank’s sponsorship of the Rogers Cup tournaments, being held this week in Toronto before moving on to Montreal.

Used tennis balls can be dropped into recycling bins at National Bank branches until August 8. But for those living outside of Canada, what can you do? We’ve had a think, and come up with a few suggestions:

  • For those with a tow-bar on their car, putting half a tennis ball over the end prevents it from rusting or greasing up anything it touches.
  • Apparently, putting tennis balls into your dryer with the laundry fluffs up the washing. Never tried it, but wouldn’t recommend using them if you play on clay courts…
  • Donate them to a dog’s home. Simple.
  • Cutting a small slit in one half creates a camouflaged piggy-bank.
  • The Wildlife Trust used a number of tennis balls as homes for dormice by cutting a hole so the mouse could get in and out, and put them around their habitat.
  • Coach’s tip – cut them in half, paint them, and use as court markers.
  • In the US, will pick up your balls, repressurise them and return them to you if they’re playable – otherwise they will reuse or recycle them on your behalf as well.

Any more for us?

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