We take a closer look at the Player Analysis Technology innovations already approved by the ITF

Player Analysis Technology: PlaySight Smartcourt



Originally published on 21/10/14

Ten months have now passed since the ITF introduced Rule 31 to allow the monitored use of Player Analysis Technology, opening the door to a new wave of equipment that collects, stores, transmits, analyses or communicates player performance. We take a closer look at the approved PAT products that give an insight into how this ruling could change the way we watch, play and coach the sport for future generations.

PlaySight stands apart for its ability to provide on-court feedback thanks to the mounted screen positioned next to the net that cuts out the need for a small army of technicians. Five cameras monitor the action and automatically tag all events during a session, be it training or a match, and provide 3D game management analysis.

Novak Djokovic and Billie Jean King have already invested in the company behind PlaySight, which at the time of writing had been permanently installed on courts at 35 clubs worldwide, including Roland Garros, The Queen's Club and Stefan Edberg's academy in Sweden.

"Through this 'video-gamification' of sports, PlaySight will make the gam emore fun and appealing to new and casual players while providing an incredibly valuable triaing tool for the more frequent player," said Mark Ein, CEO of growth investment holding company Venturehouse Group, which hopes to see PlaySight installed on 100 courts before the year is out.

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