Dominic Thiem Australian Open 2020

“Our behaviour was a mistake” Dominic Thiem apologises, reveals results of his Coronavirus tests


World no.3 Dominic Thiem has been caught up in the COVID-19 scandal surrounding the players that attended the Novak Djokovic organised Adria Tour


Dominic Thiem says that himself and the other players playing the Adria Tour exhibition matches in Serbia should not have behaved they way they did, with numerous photos emerging of physical contact between the players and videos of topless dancing in nightclubs.

Thiem has finally taken to social media and after a notable silence to report that he is fortunately clear of the virus after taking 5 tests, but says that he trusted the Sebian governments guidance about the rules they had in place for the tennis matches and the safety of the public.

Thiem has said on his personal Instagram account: “I was shocked when I got the news from the Adria Tour. We played without an audience for weeks, so we have been more than happy about the fans at the event. We trusted the Serbian governments Coronavirus rules, but we have been too optimistic. Our behaviour was a mistake, we acted too euphorically. I am extremely sorry. I’ve now got tested 5 times within the last 10 days and the result was always negative. I wish everyone who was infected all the best and a quick recovery.”

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