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Jose Mourinho talks tennis



Originally published on 21/06/15

Talking on the Tennis Podcast this weekend, Chelsea football club manager Jose Mourinho, who has been a regular spectator at the Aegon Championships, says he likes everything about tennis.

“From a psychological point of view in an individual sport like tennis every ball and every detail can make a difference in the game," he said. "I used to say that in tennis they take penalty shoot outs all day. Every point is a tough decision so they have to be really strong. I always say that in my sport sometimes we hide behind each other, we can always find excuses in success and failure and in this way tennis is phenomenal because you have to be really strong”

Mourinho lists Radek Stepanek, Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal amongst the tennis players he has met. “I’ve been friends with Rafa for a long time. I coached his uncle many years ago in Barcelona and I’ve known Rafa since he was a kid”

The Chelsea manager says he shed a tear when Murray won Wimbledon in 2013. “He has broken the psychological wall that was there for every British person that loves the game,” he said. "I think for sure it was the best day in his career and I shared that happiness from where I was and let’s see if he can do it again.”

You can hear the complete interview at The Tennis Podcast, presented by tennis commentator David Law and broadcaster Catherine Whittaker






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